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Innovation In Motion

Ormesa Juditta Tilt-In-Space Manual Wheelchair

An evolution in comfort

Juditta is a tilting and reclining comfort wheelchair designed and built by Ormesa for adults and the elderly with reduced mobility. 

Juditta’s backrest supports correct posture, offering stability and preventing contractures and the onset of deformities.

The seat’s viscoelastic cords adapt to each individual user’s anatomy, preventing rubbing and pressure sores.

Distributed pressure relief

The user’s weight is evenly distributed across the seat area and backrest, relieving pressure on the lower back and hips. The special shape and material of the seat prevents the build-up of pressure along the whole length of the spine.

The reclining backrest and tilting seat area adjusts to provide the best support in any given situation, allowing pressure to be reduced at various points and thus minimizing the risk of sores.

Innovation and certified quality

A research conducted on Juditta confirms its optimal uniform body weight distribution across the seat area and backrest. The reclining backrest and tilting seat area provide optimal support for each individual user, preventing the development of sores by distributing pressure evenly and allowing different user positions.

Designed for you

The Juditta Wheelchair was designed for those that need a wheelchair for an extended period of time and those that are bedridden. The Juditta is adaptive and adjustable to fit a wide range of needs.

  • Available in two models with 12" or 22" back tires
  • Breathable fabric and design to increase airflow to skin
  • Unique V-design of backrests eliminates pressure on spine
  • Highly adjustable to contour to individual's needs and preferences
  • Ability to tilt and recline to reduce pressure and increase oxygenation

Ormesa Juditta comes standard with

Frame (either 14", 16", 18" or 20"), Manual Legrests, Headrest with hardware, Choice of Upholstery, Armpads, Tie down hooks, Either 12" or 22" rear wheels and Calf pads.

The Juditta Wheelchair is for those that need to be in the wheelchair for an extended period of time. Adaptive and adjustable features combined with tilt functions help to provide a wheelchair that reduces pressure while providing comfortable positioning.

The Juditta can be folded in the backrest for easy transport and storage. The B30 model features 8" front wheels and 12" rear wheels with a single control pedal to operate the drum brakes. The B60 model has 8" front tires and large 22" rear tires with brake.

Ergonomic and Adjustable

The Juditta's backrest features a unique V design that provides alignment to the back without generating pressure onto the spine itself. This design also allows for better stability without additional bulky padding and supports.

This helps provide a more comfortable experience for extended periods of sitting without the worry of contractions that could hurt the joints. The backrest is also height adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes and heights. The backrest's tilt is controlled by levers with a safety pin to lock the angle.

The headrest of the Juditta also features the V-shaped design that provides comfortable stability to the head while minimizing direct pressure. The head can move side to side easily, allowing the user to see more of their environment.

The headrest can be adjusted in height, tilt, depth, and lateral translation to allow the user proper movement while keeping the spine and head properly aligned and upright.

The Juditta's seat has a slight tilt that prevents the user from sliding forward and potentially causing injuries.

The seat allows for the tilt of the leg rest and backrest to be changed without changing the angle of the hip and knee joints, preventing the user from getting jostled or causing unwanted movement.

The armrests of the Juditta scissor open, allowing for easier transfers to bed with reduced risk of stain or possible injuries. The armrests are also height adjustable to fit the user comfortably.

Adjustable features of the Juditta help to provide a customized fit to every user and allow the Juditta to be used by multiple people. The leg rest is removable, able to turn, and adjustable in tilt, height, and flexion-extension.

The seat adjusts in depth to four positionings without changing the recline on the backrest. The push handle adjusts in height and tilt for adaptability to the caregiver and allow easier access when the wheelchair is tilted.

Reduces Pressure

Semi-elastic bands in the seat band together underneath the cover to create a flexible material that contours to the user's specific body dimensions. This helps to relieve pressure generated onto the body, particularly sensitive areas such as the spine and backside.

The backrest can tilt and recline for variation of positioning that further helps to diminish the possibility of pressure ulcers which can be immensely unpleasant and increases the risk of infection.

Two gas springs independently will tilt or recline the chair, placing less strain and weight on the caregiver. Occasional tilt and recline allows for more oxygen to reach the skin which helps to increase oxygenation

Breathable and Hygienic

The semi-elastic bands in addition to reducing pressure also allow for better air circulation to the skin. Holes in the headrest allow airflow to the back of the head which helps to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. The headrest is also naturally anti-bacterial, helping to create a more hygienic environment.

The material used for the upholstery is comfortable, breathable, slip-resistant, and fire-proof for additional comfort and safety. The covers detach easily and are machine washable for easy cleaning.

The Juditta Wheelchair comes with the chair, occupancy transit kit, headrest, legrest, and calf pads.


Juditta Tilt-In-Space Manual Wheelchair Picture


What is the distance between the arms of this chair?

Answer: The distance between the arms of this chair are generally one inch wider than the seat size. The 16 inch chair has 17 inches between the arms. The 18 inch chair has 19 inches between the arms. The 20 inch chair has 21 inches between the arms.

Does this wheelchair require assembly and how does it ship?

Answer: The Juditta Tilt In Space Wheelchair models ships fully assembled on a skit, wrapped in shrink wrap, covered by a box.

Additional Documentation

Click here to download the Juditta Brochure

Click here to download the Juditta Manual

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