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EZRide+ Lightweight Electric Mobility Device


3 speeds for your safety and convenience. ECO (3 mph), MED (6 mph), and HIGH (12 mph). The EZRide+ also provides a 12-15 mile travel range on a single charge. Its kickstand makes it easy and accessible for users to remain sitting in the wheelchair to connect/disconnect it and offers several different options for extensions and adapters.


Weighing just 30 pounds, its lightweight, compact configuration makes it conveniently portable so you can take it along wherever you roam. The EZRide+ accommodates a 300-pound weight capacity to safely support most users.


Fast and easy to assemble, this wheelchair motor quickly converts your manual wheelchair into a powered mobility device, fostering independence for all wheelchair users.


The EZRide+ Wheelchair Motor Attachment provides electric power, giving users all of the benefits of using a power wheelchair or scooter at a fraction of the price. Quick and easy to attach and detach without using tools and compatible with almost any manual wheelchair.


Provides smooth mobility over a variety of terrains, including grass, gravel, and uneven pavement. Able to move in both forward and backward motion, this nimble power-assist also offers 360-degree turns to ensure smooth maneuverability.


Weight capacity 300 lbs
Product weight 30 lbs
Length 39.5"
Width 10.75"
Height 11"
Handlebar Width 24.5"
Foldable Yes


3 Speeds


ECO (3 mph), MED (6 mph), and HIGH (12 mph)

Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Adapters/Extensions Available Yes




1. Does the EZRide+ Wheelchair Power Assist Motor Attachment have a warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does! This product has a 1-Year Limited Warranty that covers manufacturer's defect or dysfunction. 
*Please note that if you choose to enact your warranty, RehabMart will facilitate all communications between you and the manufacturer, however, RehabMart is not liable nor responsible for upholding the manufacturer's stated warranty terms.
2. What kind of tire does the EZRide+ Wheelchair Power Assist Motor Attachment come with?
Answer: This device uses a solid tire that will never go flat!
3. Is the EZRide+ Wheelchair Power Assist Motor Attachment waterproof?
Answer: It's not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. Light rain won't damage your device but, the manufacturer strongly discourages leaving it out in the rain for long periods of time.
4. My husband has a drive light-weight, poly fly wheelchair. Can I use this attachment in addition to my steering him
Answer: Yes, This converts almost any manual wheelchair into a powered wheelchair.
5. Will this will work with the featherweight wheelchair?
Answer: I just got a word from the manufacturer, they said that they have a Featherweight Wheelchair in their office with the EZ Ride+ mounted. They recommend adding the Accessory Pack.

6. Does EZRide+ have a weight limit?

Answer: Yes, the EZRide+ is designed to handle persons weighing up to 300 lbs, not including the weight of the chair or EZRide+ itself.

7. Does insurance cover EZRide?

Answer: Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the EZRide+. You must first get pre-authorization from your medical provider. Once that is submitted to your insurance company, and approved, we can ship your unit.

8. How long does it take to charge the EZRide+?

Answer: From 0% battery to fully charged, approx. 7 hours. We recommend charging the EZRide+ after each use or when the battery reaches 30%.

9. Can the handbrake be adjusted for those with limited grip strength?

Answer: Yes. The handbrake can be adjusted on the handlebars to enable pressing with a cupped or open hand to stop.

10. Does the tire need to be filled with air?

Answer: No. The EZRide+ tire is a solid-state tire.

11. I have a foldable wheelchair, can I fold my chair when the EZRide+ is removed?

Answer: Yes. Once you remove the EZRide+, simply remove the spring-loaded tow bar and you can fold your chair like normal.

12. I am completely paralyzed on one side, can all the controls be moved to one side of the handlebars?

Answer: Yes. Your EZRide wheelchair conversion kit will arrive with all the tools to move all controls to either side of the handlebars.

13. Can the headlight be adjusted on the EZRide+?

Answer: Yes. The headlight is completely adjustable.

14. What kind of terrain can the EZRide+ handle?

Answer: The EZRide+ can handle any asphalt or concrete surfaces, as well as average length grass or hard packed dirt or gravel. EZRide+ is NOT designed for operation in the sand or at the beach.

15. What manual wheelchairs does the EZRide+ fit?

Answer: The EZRide+ fits most foldable wheelchairs from 14”-22”. Using the Butterfly Clip accessory, the EZRide fits Tilite aeroZ, Tilite ZRA, Invacare Crossfire, Quickie GT, Kushall AirPro wheelchair, and many more.

16. What kind of motor drives the EZRide+?

Answer: The EZRide+ uses an 8-inch wheel with an in-hub brushless 36V 350W electric motor.

17. Can the EZRide handle hills?

Answer: Yes, but it is dependent on the hill. The EZRide will move at a slower speed, and is best at no more than a 30-degree incline. We recommend using High speed, and there should be no issues

This product has a 1-Year Limited Warranty that covers manufacturer's defect or dysfunction. If you have any questions about your warranty please call 800-944-8794 or email support@lifemedusa.com

Return Policy terms & conditions apply to Continental US purchases only.

We offer a 30-day return policy. Complete the RMA form below. After your RMA information is received, we will provide a return shipping label. Once we receive the product at our warehouse, we will examine the overall condition of the returned EZRide.

The item must be in new, unused condition, and in the original box, and packaging. Indications of use include, but are not limited to: cracks, scratches, dirty tires, pet hair, or other household dirt, damage to charging ports, scratches to the frame or body, or scratches on the controls.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Items must be returned within 30 days.

Unfortunately, delivery service fees, including Next-Day and Overnight shipping fees, Inside Delivery, White Glove Delivery, and tech Set-Up fees are not refundable.

All returns are subject to a standard 20% restocking charge.

Accessories for the EZRide+ are not refundable.