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Amigo Mobility

Amigo RD 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter


The Amigo RD comes standard with a 350 lbs weight capacity as well as an impressive 35 mile battery range, so you can stay out all day long without the need to recharge.  Pair that with its tight 34" turning radius and 5.9 mph maximum speed, this mobility scooter has the capability of going just about everywhere!


Amigo RD Mobility Scooter, its combination of power and design allows you to easily maneuver through your kitchen or bathroom and travel around the backyard or garden.


*The Shabbat provides a halachically-approved mobility vehicle for people who want to honor the Sabbath. The halachic principles involved are gramma (indirect operation) and “continuous change of current.”  A toggle switch changes operation from normal to Shabbat mode; essentially turning this into an Shabbat scooter.

With no throttle lever activation by the rider, the module’s timing circuit sets the chair into idle motion after a short delay (approx. 10 seconds), satisfying the “no work” Sabbath restriction. Every Amigo Shabbat scooter is individually inspected and certified by a Zomet Institute representative.



  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs (159 kg)

  • Basket weight capacity: 10 lbs. (4.54 kg)

  • Battery capacity: 35 miles (56 km)



  • Overall width: 24″ (61 cm)
  • Overall length: 45.5″ (116 cm)
  • Overall height: 37.5″ (96 cm)
  • Turning radius: 34″ (87 cm)
  • Rear wheel width: 23″ (58 cm)


  • 0 – 5.9 MPH variable speed
  • Pull throttle system for comfort
  • Ergonomic oval handle


To keep you and your Amigo on the go, batteries in good working conditions are critical. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Charge batteries at every opportunity whenever the Amigo is not in use.
  • Amigo battery chargers are smart chargers, so they stop charging when the battery reaches a full charge.
  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries have a general lifespan of about 18-24 months (with proper charging) and Lithium-ion batteries last much longer, ranging up to 5 years.

General Warranty Provisions Amigo Mobility International, Inc. (AMI) warranties the original, completed Amigo it manufactures only to the original owner. If warranty card or proof of purchase is not received, warranty begins on the date the Amigo was shipped.

This warranty supersedes and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no person, agent or dealer is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of AMI, nor to assume for AMI any other liability concerning any of its products unless made in writing and signed by an official of AMI.

This warranty gives you specific rights, with the possibility of other rights, which vary depending upon your locality.

The warranties on this page do not cover the failure of any part or accessory due to:

• Shipping damage

• Abuse, misuse, accidental damage, or acts of nature

• Exceeding the specified weight capacity of the model

• Improper installation or opening sealed components

• Modifying the Amigo or installing accessories not authorized by AMI Warranty Coverage: AMI will repair or replace a part that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. AMI may use factory-recertified parts (rather than new parts) for some warranty repairs. Warranty replacement parts are covered for the remainder of the Amigo unit warranty. AMI covers labor warranty at factory headquarters in Bridgeport, MI for the first 60 days of ownership. Freight charges are not included under labor warranty.

• Structural components – platform, frame and lower seat post (non PSL) have a limited lifetime warranty (seven years).

• Main components – controller, charger, motor, powered seat lift (PSL) and transaxle have a two-year warranty.

• Seats and other components have a one-year warranty (cuts and tears in seats are not covered by warranty).

• Batteries supplied by AMI are warranted for one year (freight not included after six months) and carry Amigo brand labels. Damage caused by battery moisture, spillage, or leakage is exclusive of warranty. Lithium-ion batteries carry the following warranty:

• Warranty period is 60 months; beginning when the Amigo healthcare model or batteries are shipped from AMI factory. Serial number of unit/date code on battery will be required.

• Warranty covers defects in workmanship and material.

• Failure constitutes a fully recharged battery with less than 50% of its rated capacity under normal operating/charging conditions and is covered within the 60 month period.

• Lithium-ion batteries must be returned to AMI. Upon receipt, batteries will be tested to confirm warranty conditions are met.

• First 36 months’ replacement batteries will be lithium-ion; 37 months and older may receive sealed lead acid batteries.

• AMI is obligated to repair or replace products/parts returned by the purchaser and found to be defective under warranty at our factory in Bridgeport, Michigan.

• If inspection determines that a returned part or unit is fully functional or inoperable due to a non-warranty nature, it will be returned at expense of the owner.

• Parts purchased separately from the original unit, or rebuilt units, carry a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Lead time is 5-10 Business Days on all Amigo Scooters.